Rope centre

Description of the obstacles

Here you can learn about obstacles in the rope centre, which means that you will be “theoretically” prepared for the tasks waiting for you.

Obstacles for individuals

Garlands and loose log

Very difficult obstacle, in which are linked two techniques of passing. Level head and serenity is important while using this obstacle.

X (cross)

A difficult obstacle, where is important to have a good balance and not to be afraid of heights.

Hand-over-hand bars

The only strength obstacle in the rope centre. Strong arms are vital for dealing with this one.

Burma bridge

An easy obstacle, ideal for getting to know the height, in which are the other obstacles.

Crossing the log

An obstacle of medium difficulty, which can’t be passed without balance, ideal for rehearsing dancing steps such as those in Dirty Dancing.


An easy obstacle calling for the whole body coordination.

Stirrup irons

An obstacle of medium difficulty, you will feel your abdominal muscles afterwards.


An obstacle of medium difficulty, the higher you are, the more difficult they get. Easy for children.

Loose logs

An obstacle of medium difficulty, where serenity and level head are important.

Rope ladder

A difficult obstacle, but if you use a right technique, you will be up quicker than the US soldier. If you use a wrong one, your body will ache for another week.

Jumars (ascenders)

Ascending on one rope only with using two ascenders, a technique you saw in movies and now you can have a first-hand experience of it.


A special force style obstacle. If you are interested, we can teach you how to safely navigate over horizontal distances.

Obstacles for pairs

Jacob’s ladder

The most difficult obstacle in the rope centre. Absolute cooperation between the partners is essential. The logs hang approximately 2 metres apart and for getting over them, you have to literally climb over each other.

Loose logs

A difficult obstacle, where the cooperation is, again, inevitable. Both participants have to keep balance.

Vertical logs

A difficult obstacle, which needs a different kind of technique. The obstacle is swinging and requires coordination of all moves.


An obstacle of medium difficulty, on which you will swing two times. It is important to lean out a lot to reach the rope and then use it twice for swinging.

Horizontal cross

A very difficult obstacle, two steel cables in the shape of a horizontal cross, which aren’t connected in the middle!


A very difficult obstacle again, you have to slant and hold your hands.


A difficult obstacle, as you just can’t make such a long steps alone. But if you help each other a little bit, you can succeed.


Special obstacles and attractions

Tarzan’s jump

You will climb to six metres height and jump on two metres distant horizontal bar. Seems easy?

Come and see for yourself that it’s not.

Cable way

What about jumping from ten metres height to the unknown? You will then descend 85 metres on a pulley on a steel cable.

Cable way over Jizera

Are you tired of whizzing above the land? Try it above the river!


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