School trips


Sailing trip with an instructor from Malá Skála to Dolánky u Turnova

Includes canoes, rafts or kayak rental as well as paddles and life-jackets, in accordance with the number of pupils. The group is always attended by corresponding number of trained instructors. The trip is based on sailing 9 kilometres of placid water without any dangerous passages and is operated according to Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports methodological instruction nr. 37 014/2005 – 25 to secure safety and protection of children’ health.

190 CZK/person

výlet na lodích z Malé Skály do Dolánek


“There on boat, back on scooter” – we will transport scooters to your final stop of your boating trip (Dolánky), which you will use for returning to Žlutá Plovárna or guest house Křížky on a newly opened Greenway path. Renting helmets is included in the price of scooter rent.

80 CZK/person

na koloběžkách na Malou Skálu
High ropes centre programme

Three hours in the biggest rope centre in the Bohemian Paradise. Obstacles for individuals and pairs, jump on a horizontal bar in six metres height and 80 m long cable way. Programme is structured from warm-up games, to low-hung ropes and training wall and to final attractions.

270 CZK/person

škola v lanovém centru
Orienteering in Malá Skála

We divide the class into small groups and each will get a manual, where are highlighted the most interesting places in and around Malá Skála. The sites can be found by following the GPS coordinates. Each group gets a camera and has to take a group picture at each of the given sites.

150 CZK/person

 geocaching na malé skále


The goal is to strengthen the class collective and support cooperation. The class is divided into small groups and they visit posts, where they are given tasks. For fulfilling them, the pupils have to work as a team. Ideal additional programme to a trip.

240 CZK/person

 icebreakers pro školy

Observatory Turnov

The only observatory in the Liberec region open to public, which we run, is offered popular-
educational programme within the teaching of geography of physics. A lecture on a chosen topic with demonstration of equipment, professional presentation and observation of the Sun (photosphere, chromosphere). In case of bad weather are observed land marks by means of astronomical telescopes. The evening observation is also available.

50 CZK/person

hvězdárna Turnov


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