School trips


We cook in our Guest house Křížky or Restaurant Kopanina or Restaraunt Pod Rampou

stravování školní výlety

The boarding is dependent on accommodation and current programme, during the trips out of Pojizeří are prepared hearty lunch packets.

We can get you sausages for an evening roasting or barbecue upon your request.

Prices for roasting sausages:

elementary school - younger elementary school - older high school
25 CZK / person 40 CZK / person 60 CZK / person
1x sausage, accessories 2x sausages, accessories 3x sausages, accessories
2x sausages, salad, accessories

So you don't have to collect the wood in the forrest, we offer wood to make a fire for price 200 CZK.

Boarding prices for schools

  elementary school - younger elementary school - older high school
breakfast 55 CZK / person 70 CZK / person 80 CZK / person
half board 125 CZK / person 160 CZK / person 180 CZK / person
full board 195 CZK / person 255 CZK / person 300 CZK / person

Drinking is included in the price

You can also order snacks - 60 CZK / person for 2 snacks during the day



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