School trips

Sport courses

The Bohemian Paradise = the paradise of scooters

Maloskalsko = the Jizera River, rocks, nature

Žlutá plovárna = canoes, rafts, rope centre, scooters, courts for beach volleyball, futnet, in-line skates rental, poles for Nordic Walking, geocaching for the most interesting places (prepared in advance), experienced instructors.

Guest house Křížky = near Jizera and the Greenway Jizera cycle path, social room, capacity 42 beds.

sportovní kurz v Českém ráji

On those basic cornerstones we build programmes for elementary and high schools and universities. Various affinity groups such as scouts or the club of Czech tourists come to us as well, both children and adults.

We also offer compiling and carrying out a complete sport course, including using our own instructors, who act in accordance with the methodology of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

We will be happy to recommend you ideal routes for hiking and cycling trips.

školní výlet na raftech


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