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There on boat and back on scooter

The route Malá Skála – Dolánky is ideal for connecting a boating trip with ride on scooters. Go downstream to Dolánky and at the base, where you can also refresh yourself, are waiting scooters for you. On them you can easily get back to Žlutá plovárna on Greenway Jizera cycle path. In a booking form just type how many scooters do you want for a way back and that’s it!

Boats for one and more days

Do you want to rent a boat for more days and go on another river? No problem, book a boat for more days. Are you a bigger group? We will tailor the price for you!

Do you just want to try the boat? What about ride with your girlfriend up the weir in the early evening?

We will rent you canoes, kayaks, rafts or paddleboards for rides up the weir – in Malá Skála by Žlutá plovárna or in Dolánky. Book a boat for an hour up the weir.



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