About us

We are a family of establishments and services 

SUNDISK family - this is the family of places and services of the company SUNDISK s.r.o. in the Bohemian Paradise, on the river Nisa and the South Moravian Dyje. We provide our customers mainly with sports and leisure services. We rent boats, scooters and sports equipment. We offer accommodation in a campsite, hostel, guesthouse and hotel. We provide catering and additional services to all visitors of the Maloskalsko area in the Bohemian Paradise. We operate a network of free information centres and toilets along the Greenway Jizera cycle path. We enjoy activities for the public as well as for school groups and corporate customers.

Since 2006, we have been steadily building a network of establishments with interconnected services along the Jizera River, led by the programme There on a scooter, back on a boat. We are steadily breathing new life into dilapidated buildings and reconstructing historic tourist destinations. We invent various kinds of leisure activities for better family holidays of visitors from afar, or just afternoon sports programs for the public from the nearby area.

We wish you active relaxation in nature and pleasant sports experiences with the SUNDISK family!

Martin Bauer

Managing Director of SUNDISK s.r.o.

SUNDISK family is a trademark of SUNDISK s.r.o.

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