Description of the obstacles

Outdo yourself at heights

Prepare in advance and set up a programme according to your own skills. We offer 7 different obstacles in the rope centre. You can try all or part of them. It's up to you.  

Hard obstacles

Garlands and free log

A very difficult obstacle that combines 2 techniques. Calmness and composure are important for success.

X (cross)

A difficult obstacle, it is important to have good balance and not be afraid of heights.

Medium obstacles

Log crossing

Medium obstacle, insurmountable without balance, ideal for practicing dances according to the movie Wicked Dance.


A medium obstacle, the higher one is, the more difficult it is for them. Children can run over it playfully.

Loose logs

A moderately difficult obstacle where again calmness and composure are important.

Easy obstacles 

Burma Bridge

A light obstacle suitable for familiarising yourself with the height at which the other obstacles are located.


A light obstacle that requires full body coordination. 

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