River Jizera - maps and information

Jizera rises in Jizera Mountains below the Smrk Mountain in the National natural area Jizera Peat-bog, which is located on the boarders with Poland. The river presumably adopted its name after a Celtic name Iser, which means swift, brisk, fast and which also suggests how her upper part is like. Jizera is the biggest right confluence of Labe and is one of the cleanest rivers in the Czech Republic. Along its whole reaches are attractive geological formations, historical sights and cities. We prepared for you their brief summary for the section Spálov – Mladá Boleslav, which is the most sought and attractive for tourists.
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A synoptic map of a selected part of the river will easily help you to orientate and plan your sail. Jizera flows through a beautiful landscape and therefore it’s definitely difficult to choose from the possibilities on offer. The map will help you to decide what to see and where to refresh yourself.
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For the experienced watermen we also included on our web pages a detailed kilometrage of the river in the section between Spálov and Hněvousice. The lower reaches of the river is for watermen less attractive and except from the weirs, where you have to carry the boats over, there aren’t any difficult rapids on the river.
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Because the river rises in the mountains and its substantiality of the reaches is dependable on the amount of precipitation, we prepared for you information about the negotiability and water level of the river. Some parts, especially Spálov- Malá Skála are dependent on the higher water level and therefore is useful to check before the sail, whether it is even possible to make it. The other parts, from Malá Skála downstream are passable year-round.
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