Transport of boats, stuff and people

Plan your boating trip as you like – we will take care about the transport of the boats and baggage. No matter where the start of your trip will be – anywhere from the head of the river to the confluence with Labe – we will always arrange for you a comfortable way there and back.

We transport the boats FOR FREE to Spálov, or to kayak-paddler's rapid “Paraplíčko”, sometimes we also start in village Líšný. This part of the river is highly dependent on the water level – ask about it in advance (for example here – Czech hydrometeorological institute). If you park in Žlutá plovárna and we have room in our 9-seat van, we will gladly drive your whole group to the start of your trip.

We transport the boats FOR FREE in the stage of the river Líšný - Malá Skála - Dolánky - Příšovice - Svijany - Březina.

From Mnichovo Hradiště, Mladá Boleslav or the confluence is the price of the transport quoted in our price list and is calculated for the whole group.


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