Description of the obstacles

Here you can learn about obstacles in the rope centre, which means that you will be “theoretically” prepared for the tasks waiting for you.

Obstacles for individuals

Garlands and loose log

Very difficult obstacle, in which are linked two techniques of passing. Level head and serenity is important while using this obstacle.

X (cross)

A difficult obstacle, where is important to have a good balance and not to be afraid of heights.

Hand-over-hand bars

The only strength obstacle in the rope centre. Strong arms are vital for dealing with this one.

Burma bridge

An easy obstacle, ideal for getting to know the height, in which are the other obstacles.

Crossing the log

An obstacle of medium difficulty, which can’t be passed without balance, ideal for rehearsing dancing steps such as those in Dirty Dancing.


An easy obstacle calling for the whole body coordination.

Stirrup irons

An obstacle of medium difficulty, you will feel your abdominal muscles afterwards.


An obstacle of medium difficulty, the higher you are, the more difficult they get. Easy for children.

Loose logs

An obstacle of medium difficulty, where serenity and level head are important.

Rope ladder

A difficult obstacle, but if you use a right technique, you will be up quicker than the US soldier. If you use a wrong one, your body will ache for another week.


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