School trips

Locations and accommodation

(for groups from smaller teams of 20 pupils up to big school groups consisting of 250 pupils)

Spring / Autumn:



Examples of accomodation and capacities:

Czech Paradise:

Machas Lake:

Jizera Mountains

Krkonoše Mountains

Guesthouse Křížky

Newly reconstructed during the winter 2013/2014, the guesthouse offers 40 beds in two categories in apartments and rooms with separate social facilities. You can also find here a social room with 60 people’s capacity, which can be used while the weather conditions aren’t favourable, bigger groups eat here as well. Smaller groups use the restaurant with capacity of 30 seats. The guesthouse is located on the bank of river Jizera and thanks to being close to Greenway path is ideal for making trips on scooters or bikes.

 penzion se společenskou místností a spa u Jizery

Rekreační středisko SUNDISK at Máchas Lake

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