Journey to the Centre of Europe


We offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities. If you choose to come for a pre-visit it is also possible to tailor the content completely to your wishes.

Team building with English-speaking instructors

Pupils are divided into teams of 7-10  and taken around to different stations by their guide who helps them to succeed with the tasks. Finally, the things the group has acquired during the day are used for a common project, such as a large puzzle or the launch of a model rocket, or setting up birdhouses with the school's logo on them.

River trip down the Jizera river 

There are a few bumps and splashes along the way to heighten the experience a bit and then the main adventure lies in enjoying the scenery, splashing the comrades, getting better at rowing and possibly finding tasks along the trip. It takes 2-3 hours, depending on the water level. On arrival at Dolanky there will be warm lunch and then we change to foot bikes. The return trip can take from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on motivation and fitness level.

Sports at Žlutá Plovárna in Malá Skála

Here you can try; Stand Up Paddling, kayaking, canoeing or simply swim in the river and enjoy the time with your friends. There is also access to high rope, volleyball and netball.

Visit to the underground caves at Bozkov

You move from room to room, where the stalactite formations have their own names and finally end up in a large room, 22 meters underground, where the Czech Republic's largest underground lake is located. When the light is switched on, it's hard not to get the "wauw!" experience.

Rock climbing at Semily

A nice and well-prepared Via Ferrata route opens up the possibility that even beginners can have great experiences on big rocks. When the pupils are hanging 30-40 meters above a river that meanders through the valley, there will definitely be an adrenaline rush worth writing home about. SUNDISK's professional team of instructors safely guides the students through the course and helps if it is difficult.

In case of rain, we will go to the Jablonec indoor sports climbing wall. Climbing is huge in the Czech Republic and you will be impressed by the fine facilities they train on.

Night experiences

If the group, or just parts of it, have not had enough adventures during the day, trips to the observatory in Turnov, night hikes to Jizerka (the darkest area in the national park) or river trips in the dark on the Jizera river can be arranged. All are exciting adventures.


An unlimited number of running bikes, mountain bikes in limited quantities and equipment for fun on the river can be rented. The trips can be planned by yourself or take place in the company of a guide.

The Czech map service makes it easy to plan walks in the area. All routes are well-marked in nature and easy to follow with a map or telephone.

The high rope center in Bedrichov

…Offers treetop experiences, which can be spiced up with a dip in the local outdoor pool and a trip up the mountain to Královka for a beautiful view of the area.

The summer bobsleigh track at Janov nad Nisou

This is an absolute hit among the students and even though it is pure fun, we highly recommend it as an experience that cannot be had in Denmark.

Sightseeing in Prague

This can be planned as a game "In the Footsteps of Tycho Brahe" where our guides or assignments lead the students around the city and tell engagingly about the exciting events that have made Prague the magical city it is today. There is, of course, the opportunity for numerous cultural experiences, a river trip on the Vltava, shopping and strolling around the narrow alleys and on the huge squares.

We are ready to organize your unique schooltrip!

SUNDISK Adventures team


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