Downhill by footbike from Kopanina

7 tips for the best footbike trails

Riding downhill and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Bohemian Paradise is an unforgettable experience. We have prepared information about the trails that lead from the Kopanina Chalet to the picturesque Jizera Valley. You will pass through the Maloskalsko Nature Park. Please respect nature and all it has given us. This is the only way to keep it for the generations to come. Thank you.

1. Kopanina - Frýdštejn - Voděrady - Bartošova Pec - Dolánky

The descent "on the blue" runs along an asphalt road and features magnificent views of the Bohemian Paradise. From Kopanina go in the direction of Frýdštejn and at the first stop, as you pass Mádlova Hora (650m above sea level) you can see as far as Trosky. Continue to the village of Frýdštejn and on the way you may visit the ruins of the fairy-tale castle of Frýdštejn dating back to the 14th century. At the chapel, continue along the blue tourist mark towards Voděrady, then Horky and Ondříkovice and from there take a steep descent to Bartošova Pec. Be sure to stop here at the pseudo-karst spring cave. It is a 30m long crevice passage that is flooded with water. It becomes easy from here. Through the quiet valley of Vazovec you will go to Dolánky u Turnova, in the Dolánky Campsite drop off your kick bikes.

*Our tip: Stop at Bezednice. The circular water hole, with swirling sand at the bottom, is associated with a mysterious legend...

2. Kopanina - Sněhov - Malá Skála/Žlutá Plovárna

The downhill follows the red tourist mark leading from Kopanina towards Dalešice, though you won't reach it. Turn right to Malá Skála and follow the road down past the village of Sněhov. On your left you will see wonderful views of Ještěd, Krkonoše and Suché Skály, in the specified order. Finally, you will cross the footbridge over the Jizera River in the village of Malá Skála. Return the kick bikes to Žlutá Plovárna, where you can jump straight into the Jizera and swim in the calm water above the weird.

*Our tip: Stop at the Chapel of St. Lawrence. Its ornamentation was done by academic painters Vladimír Komárek, Josef Jíra and graphic artist Milena Baudysová.

3. Kopanina - Frýdštejn - Malá Skála/Žlutá Plovárna

The first section is identical to route 1. From Kopanina start in the direction of Frýdštejn and at the first stop, as you pass Madlova Hora (650m above sea level), you will be able to see all the way to Trosky. Go to the village of Frýdštejn, where at the Chapel of Christ the Sufferer continue down the long downhill along the yellow tourist mark to Malá Skála.

*Our tip: Visit the ruins of the fairy-tale castle of Frýdštejn built in the 14th century. From the high cylindrical tower, you can enjoy a view of the surrounding countryside and you won't regret.

4. Kopanina - Frýdštejn - Záborčí - Bukovina - Dolánky

The first part of the route follows the blue and yellow tourist marks, i.e., the same as routes No. 1 and No. 3, in the village of Frýdštejn turn right at the chapel and follow the violet mark in the direction of Záborčí. From here ride along the main road in the direction of Turnov, but only for a few metres and then turn onto the Golden Route of the Bohemian Paradise in the direction of Bukovina. Be very careful when crossing the road as cars can be very fast at this point. Continue along the purple tourist marks to Dolánky u Turnova and return your kick bikes at the Dolánky Campsite. On this descent you will be rewarded with views of the Suché Rocks, Zbirohy and Sokol.

*Our tip: After about 4 km, visit the rock town of Maloskalská Drábovna, with an archaeological site from the Younger Stone Age and the remains of a medieval castle. Do not enter the rock town with a kick bike, leave it locked at the entrance.

5. Kopanina - Mukařov - Líšný - Malá Skála/Žlutá Plovárna

The upper part of the route is identical to the route No. 2. However, just before Sněhov you turn off to Mukařov, from where you descend into the valley to the road leading from Železný Brod to Malá Skála. You will see the Jizera River on your left and after a while turn off this road onto a bridge leading to the village of Líšný. Immediately after the bridge, turn right and follow the Greenway Jizera bike route, which will take you along the river to Žlutá Plovárna. Here you can return your kick bike.

*Our tip: Paddle from Malá Skála to Dolánky. You can rent a canoe along with your kick bike. You will see much more of the Malá Skála Nature Park.

6. Turnov - Dolánky - Křížky - Malá Skála - Líšný or the other way round

The longer route takes you through the valley along the Greenway Jizera bike route. There are not many climbs on the way, it is just a nice ride.

*Our tip: Stop off in Dolánky. Enjoy a meal at the Dolánky Bistro/Camp Dolánky, a swim at the Dolánky weir or a visit to Dlaskův Statek.

7. Kopanina - Žlutá Plovárna

The downhill ride for more experienced riders takes you along various paths that meet in the forest above Malá Skála. You can ride through the village of Bobov or Vransko below Kopanina.

*Our tip: Discover the ski jump monument at the top of the road from Bobov to Frýdštejn. Between 1942 and 1953 it was the highest ski jump in the country.

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