Get there by boat. Get back by footbike

The most popular trip in the Malá Skála region

Getting there by canoe

Let's paddle down the Jizera River from Malá Skála to Dolánky u Turnova. The most popular section of the Jizera between Malá Skála and Dolánky is ideal for beginners, canoeists and families with children. You can start your trip at our rental in Žlutá Plovárna and after 200 m of easy water you will reach a weir with a sluice. This is the only weir you will encounter on this trip. Below the weir there are stone dams and a small jump in the main stream. If you don't feel like going down the sluice, carry the boat on the left bank and start below the weir. After about 500 metres, the water from the water race joins the main stream after you pass Boučkův Statek (after the bridge over the Jizera River). At this point the water comes to life and from here the gentle current will slowly take you to the Křížky Guesthouse and Pub on the right bank. Here you can anchor for a while and enjoy refreshments, comfortable seating in the garden. Wheelchair-accessible public toilets are available at the guesthouse.

You have 6.5 km of relaxing paddling ahead of you. The Jizera meanders through a beautiful landscape of greenery and rocks. You pass the village of Rakousy on your left and then the remote village of Loužek. High above the water you can see Zdenčina Skála lookout point in Betlémské Skály, which belong to the Klokočské Skály. The rock offers a beautiful view of the Jizera Valley. After this section, the Jizera River straightens out and its flow slows down. The Dolánky weir is close by. It ends above the impassable bag weir on the right.

The voyage is over, but not your trip 

Back by footbike

There is a SUNDISK family footbike hire service at the Dolánky Campsite. Just rent a footbike and ride it back to Malá Skála along the Greenway Jizera bike route. Before you set off, visit Dlaskův Statek, a typical example of a Jizera house. There is also an open-air museum of folk crafts. 

You are ready to return to your starting point. Do not wait any longer and multiply your experiences! The Jizera Greenway from Malá Skála to Dolánky is something you will always remember.

We recommend that you book in advance. It's easy, everything you need to enjoy your day can be booked and paid for online.

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