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We are the biggest scooter rental in Malá Skála and Bohemian Paradise. We offer 85 quality KOSTKA scooters for children and adults. You can rent a scooter in Žlutá Plovárna in Malá Skála, Dolánky, Líšný or guest house Křížky.

We have 4 bases; you can rent and return the scooter anywhere.

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Our scooter rental – quality, swiftness and reliability

Thanks to our effort to provide the visitors of the Bohemian Paradise with the best service, we became the biggest scooter rental in the Bohemian Paradise. It’s also thanks to great cooperation with renowned producer Kostka, with whom we are every season choosing high-quality scooters for adults and children.

On scooter with your entire family and dog

We also think about your four-footed friends, in Dolánky u Turnova, Líšný, Žlutá Plovárna or guest house Křížky you can rent a scooter designated for mushing (a dog in a harness pulls its owner). A part of it is also a flexible leash and adaptor, which prevents the leash from entangling into the front wheel.

Chill-out trips on scooters

Scooter ride on Greenway Jizera is easy and undemanding. You can refresh yourself at each of our outposts, relax or just enjoy surrounding landscape. If there is a defect on your scooter, we will change it for a new one at each outpost. Just come to the outpost and ask for an exchange. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new

If you are an experienced sportsman and you want to try something new, rent a scooter for a whole weekend and make your own trip along the beauties of the Bohemian Paradise. You can rent and return the scooter anywhere at our outposts.

There on boat, back on scooter

Use the ideal connection of river Jizera, Greenway path and our services. Rent a canoe or raft, go down the shorter way from Líšný to Malá Skála or the longer one from Malá Skála to Dolánky and there will be waiting scooters for your way back! The shorter way is approximately 1 -2 hours, the longer 3-4 hours. Don’t worry, you can refresh yourself on your way back in guest house Křížky or in Žlutá Plovárna.

On Greenway Jizera on scooter!


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