Tracks for an hour

Rent a scooter for one hour and set out wherever you like.

Try how to ride on a modern scooter. You will be definitely taken to riding it and the preconception that a scooter is only for small children will vanish at once.

If you come from far afield, there are some tips which places are possible to reach within an hour.



Dolánky- the railway bridge in Rakousy – Dolánky

You will set off from Dolánky via the Greenway Jizera cycle path in the direction of Malá Skála. The road is practically straight all the time and runs on a smooth asphalt surface, so the journey goes very quickly. On your way you will spot a pub Zrcadlová Koza and steep hillsides of the valley of the Jizera River on the opposite bank. The asphalt road goes to the village Loužek, where is also located a railway bridge to the village Rakousy. From the bridge is a beautiful view on the whole valley of Rakousy, where sheep are cropping and time seems to stand still. From this place, you will return the same way to Dolánky.

Výhled ze železničního mostu v Rakousích Údolí Jizery k doláneckému jezu Začátek osady Loužek

Dolánky – Bartošova pec – Dolánky

You will set off from Dolánky via the blue trail blaze, which runs through a beautiful valley of the Vazovecký stream, past the mysterious Bezednice, historical fish keeps with trout, former mill houses and old buildings. There is a new asphalt road running through the whole valley and that’s why this part is plenteously visited by in-line skaters. At the end of the valley of Vazovec is located Bartošova pec, which is an embouchure of a large underground cave, through which flows a mighty spring, creating the above mentioned Vazovecký stream outside. From this point, you will return the same route back to Dolánky. The route is undemanding and suitable also for small children.

Stezka k prameni Bartošova pec Bartošova pec

Dolánky - Turnov - Dolánky

Another pleasant trip is the route along the raceway of the Jizera River to Turnov. In Turnov you can stop for an ice cream in the confectionery by the theatre and then follow at first the yellow trail blaze, running through the bus terminal towards the railway station and then, behind the bridge over Jizera (at the corner by the book shop) you will take a red trail blaze going upstream the Jizera River. This route will take you along the main riverbed of Jizera up to the limestone cliffs, on which is located the Castle Hrubý Rohozec.  Under those cliffs rises the stream, which then flows through the rifts in the sandstone a limestone in the whole area of Rohozec and Ondříkovice. The water in this area (Rohozec and Vazovecký stream) is of a high quality and is also used as a source for a nearby brewery. From the spring runs the route past the former castle ponds, which have been recently recultivated, and will take you back to Dolánky.


Vápencové útesy pod zámkem Pramen Zámecké rybníky Hráz rybníků

Žlutá Plovárna - Líšný - Guest house Křížky

If you are an inexperienced beginner or have small children, you may choose this route, since the part of the path between Malá Skála and Líšný is not so busy. On your way back you don’t have to go back and return the scooter in Žlutá Plovárna, but you can go up to the Guest house and restaurant Křížky, where you can have a family lunch. Children can play on the climbing frames or a large sandpit and parents can rest. From this place you can either walk to your car or to railway station (The journey to the parking lot or train station, when you take it easy, lasts approximately 25 minutes).

OUR TIP: The point of departure for the route can also be our base and rental in Líšný, which will shorten your journey by nearly 2 km.

Památník botanika a etnografa Tadeáše Haenkeho Stezka z Líšného na Malou Skálu Druhý mostek přes Jizeru u penzionu Penzion a hospůdka Křížky

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