Tracks for half of the day

Half-day routes in the Malá Skála region

We have prepared some tips for longer kick bike tours. The time estimates are approximate, everyone goes at their own pace, some people like to stop and look at the scenery. If you like kick bike rides, you'll be delighted.  

1. A trip over the hill

Malá Skála - Besedice - Klokočí - Dolánky - Rakousy - Křížky - Malá Skála

The trip starts with a 3.5km ascent to Besedice, with almost 300 metres of climbing. Every metre of this ascent is worth it; the 40-minute long, hard workout is followed by a more or less flat or downhill ride.

From Besedice the trail rolls gently, offering views of Kozákov and the Bohemian Paradise with the dominant Klokočské Rocks. From Klokočí continue downhill to Dolánky u Turnova, an ideal place to rest and recharge your batteries for the remaining 7.5km.

2. A trip around the Bartošova oven and Frýdštejn

Malá Skála - Dolánky u Turnova - Bartošova Pec - Frýdštejn - Malá Skála

The trip starts from our base in Malá Skála, then along the bike route No. 17 Greenway Jizera to the Křížky guesthouse and pub and from there into the beautiful valley of the Jizera River. A relaxing ride past the village of Rakousy will take you to Dolánky u Turnova and along a new asphalt bike route through the Vazovecky Valley to Bartošova Pec.

This unique natural monument is the outlet of a long cave (225 m known so far) through which a stream of almost 30 l/s flows. From Bartošova Pec, the trail climbs a steep but short hill to the village of Ondříkovice, where a café called "U Samešů" is open in the summer months. From here the route continues along the asphalt road (blue tourist mark) to Voděrady.

At the crossroads in Voděrady there is a red tourist mark (leading to another interesting place - Drábovna and the rocks near Drábovna). From the crossroads the route continues up a gentle hill to the ridge with the "Na Chocholce" equipped with an information board. There is a beautiful view of the countryside around Turnov, Hrubá Skála, Kozákov, Trosky and Ještěd. From here you can also see the village of Frýdštejn, where you can visit the ruins of the castle of the same name, where the fairy tale "The Princess Jasněnka and the Flying Cobbler" was filmed.

From Frýdštejn there is only an imaginary cherry on the cake in the form of a long descent to Malá Skála. The descent on the new asphalt surface will be a real pleasure for you. On the way down you can make "photo stops" as you can see the whole Vranov ridge from the road and Suché Skály on the opposite slope.

OUR TIP: You can also start your trip in Dolánky u Turnova.

3. The most popular route Malá Skála - Dolánky u Turnova

Malá Skála - Křížky - Rakousy - Loužek - Dolánky u Turnova

The most popular and widely used bike route No. 17. This newly built bike route Greenway Jizera is widely used by cyclists, bikers, skaters and especially by visitors to the Kick bike rental. The route runs through the wide valley of the Jizera River and shows the picturesque corners hidden in the meanders near the village of Rakousy.

From Žlutá Plovárna the route leads to the Boučkův Statek, where the Maloskalská Gallery with works by Josef Jíra is located on the first floor. From here the route continues along the aforementioned bike route to the first hanging bridge, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pantheon and Suché Skály.  The wide valley of the Jizera River slowly opens up waiting for you to enter by crossing the second hanging bridge at the Křížky Guesthouse and Pub. Here you can refresh yourself or just relax and have a good lunch. Wheelchair-accessible public toilets are available at the guesthouse.

From the guesthouse, the route continues into the Austrian Valley, where flocks of sheep graze the surrounding sweet-smelling meadows. Stop for a while and enjoy the view of the limestone cliffs on one side and the sandstone rocks on the other. At Rakousy, the route crosses a railway bridge and continues to the village of Loužek. From there, a new asphalt road will lead you to Dolánky u Turnova. The section between Dolánky and Loužek is often used by skaters due to its smooth surface.

The bike route can also be used in the opposite direction, i. e. from Dolánky to Malá Skála. Thanks to its gentle profile, it is also suitable for families with small children.

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