Raft Colorado and Ontario

If you want to try something else than sailing the river on Samba canoes, you can rent a raft. If you are afraid of capsizing on a canoe, on rafts you don’t have to!

We offer Colorado and Ontario rafts, which are all-purpose means of transport on the river. The indisputable advantage is that there can be up to seven people in the raft, so it is an ideal way how to travel with friends on holiday, on school trips, during company events or with whole family. The rubber material, of which are the boats made, assures comfortable sitting during your trip and thanks to its resistance is the boat not vulnerable to rip. But even in case it happens, you are still safe since there are double air chambers in the main cylinders, so you will reach your destination safely.

You will come to a weir at the beginning of your journey from Žlutá Plovárna to Dolánky, but it’s perfectly passable through a sluice. There can be small rapids at the lower part of the sluice, so it’s possible that the bottom of your boat will fill with water. But thanks to the open stern of the boat will the water flow away and you will be comfortable again. If you want to sail on an enclosed raft, than choose a symmetrical raft Ontario.

Colorado raft and boat: Ontario raft and boat:

Easy getting on a Colorado raft from the area of Žlutá plovárna

Rafty na Žluté plovárně v půjčovně lodí

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