1. How do we get to the Žlutá plovárna?

Whether you are coming from Turnov or from Železný Brod, the best way is to park in the central car park at Malé Skála and walk across the footbridge. After the footbridge, turn right along the rope centre and you will reach the Žlutá Plovárna (about 200 m on foot).

2. How much water is in the river?

Here is a link to the Water Navigation app where you can find out the current water levels.

3. How do I get from Dolánky back to Malá Skála?

You will leave your boat and all equipment with our staff at the Dolánky destination station, where you can also rent footbikes and follow the cycle path back to the Yellow Float in about an hour to return the footbikes. If you don't feel like doing any more sports, you can use the train connection back to Malá Skála, or you can continue towards Turnov. The train runs approximately every 2 hours. 

4. Price of the trip

The price will be calculated by our system after you enter the exact date - different days and time of the year = different price. In general - weekdays are the cheapest. We provide all accessories (e.g. vests, paddles, barrels, etc.) for the paddling trip free of charge. 

5. Is it really possible to reach Dolánky in half a day?

Yes, it's not a problem, even if you are a complete beginner or you have a lot of children with you, it won't take you more than 3 hours even with a stop for ice cream.

6. Can we really get from Dolánky to Malá Skála on a footbike in an hour?

Yes, it is not a problem. The route is about 8 km long, all the way along the river. Even children from 6 years old can manage the route. 

7. We are a family of 4, is it necessary to have a raft...?

If there are children under 10, you can fit in a 3-person canoe, or you can rent two 2-person boats. You'll have more trouble rafting with four kids. 

8. Do you have children's footbikes?

Yes, we have children's footbikes suitable for children from 5 years old. We also have footbikes seats for children under 2 years old.

9. Can I take my dog in the boat/craft?

Yes, you can, a dog will not harm our boat or raft, at most it may knock you over :)

10. What happens if we overstay the time for which we have rented the boat or scooter?

If we exceed the rental time, we charge a standard fee according to the current price list for each additional hour.

11. Can I pay by card?

Yes, you can pay by card at all our locations. 

12. Where can I withdraw cash from an ATM

The only ATM in the Malá Skála region can be found in the central car park of the Malá Skála Information Centre.

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