From Malá Skála to Svijany

OUR TIP: Get to Žlutá Plovárna on your bikes, we will take them to Příšovice for free.

You can start your journey right from our boat rental up the weir, or, if you are a little afraid of going through the sluice, you can get in the boat below it. The boats are carried on the right side across the island. Just a short way from the weir, close to Boučkův statek, is the river joined by a race from the power station and he water suddenly becomes alive. The current from the race will carry you to our newly reconstructed Guest house and pub Křížky. The restaurant offers meals, sausages, soft serve ice cream, draught beer and beer in cans, which you can take to the boat. There is a big sandpit and playground for children. The part of the guest house is also barrier-free toilets.

Your journey then continues through flat, but deep valley up to Rakousy. There are huge turns in this part of the river, which goes through a beautiful area, full of beech forests and sandstone and limestone rocks. Behind Rakousy is Loužek, which lies in a rather secluded area, and from which you can see the rock lookout Zdenčina Skála. From the level of Zdeničina Skála the river slows down and stretches. The weir in Dolánky is close, but before that you will see the well-known restaurant Zrcadlová Koza. From this place flows the river lazily to the weir in Dolánky. (There you can visit Dlaskův statek– a typical example of house in the Jizera foothills and folk museum of traditional crafts.)

The weir in Dolánky is not passable, so you will have to carry the boat over, the easiest way is on the right bank of the river and get back on the boats below the sluice-gate of the rubber weir. From Dolánky gets the river quicker, and flows into the valley below the castle in Hrubý Rohozec. The castle stands on a tall limestone rock, and below it is an educational trail past the newly revitalized castle ponds. The stream gets slower again in the turn below the castle and the river is placid till Turnov. The newly built weir in Turnov has on the right side (by the fish sluice-gate) a special footbridge for carrying the boats over. On the same bank s been located for more than 100 years a factory Juta, which was producing twines and today specializes on nonwoven fabric and insulators.

The river briskly continues to Přepeře. Circa 700 metres behind the railway bridge in Turnov flows into Jizera a small river Libuňka. From this point slows the river down and flows through a flatland. Hydroelectric dam makes it impossible to sail, so you will have to carry the boat over it, ideally on the left side. Getting back on below the weir is comfortable thanks to a long platform, which slowly descends in water. There is a small recreational area by the weir in Přepeře, where you can refresh yourself.

The next part of the river from the weir is stony, but it gets better after connecting with the race and Jizera vividly continues to Ploukonice and Příšovice. On the left side you can see hilly afforested area of the rocks in the area of Hrubá Skála. And on the horizon in the south you can spot cliffs of the rocks in Příhrazy and Drábské světničky.

Your journey continues past Velký and Malý Písečák, which are flooded sand quarries used nowadays for recreation. There is a camp by “Písečák”, with toilets and refreshment. The river slows down again close to a small bridge, which connects villages Příšovice and Ploukonice and you can expect undisturbed sail till the weir in Svijany, where is the destination of your journey. You can visit the restaurant by the brewery Svijany, or visit the shop Svijany and buy supplies of the local excellent beer.


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