Recommended tracks for scootering

You can rent the scooters not only in Žlutá Plovárna, but also at other bases along the Jizera River:

Líšný – former grocery store
Malá Skála – Žlutá Plovárna
Information centre Maloskalsko – the central parking lot
Křížky – watermen restaurant and guest house
Dolánky – sporting area

The distances on Greenway Jizera cycle path:

Líšný - Malá Skála   2 km
Malá Skála - Křížky 2 km
Křížky - Dolánky  6 km

The most popular route Malá Skála – Dolánky u Turnova

Malá Skála - Křížky - Rakousy - Loužek - Dolánky u Turnova

The most popular and also the most used route is the cycle path nr. 17. This newly built Greenway Jizera cycle path is plentifully used by the cyclists, in-line skaters and also the customers of the scooter rental. The route runs through the wide valley of the Jizera River with scenic retreats, hidden in the meanders by the village Rakousy.

You will set off from Žlutá Plovárna in the direction of Bouček’s farm. On the first floor of this building you can find art gallery of Maloskalsko, with paintings of Josef Jíra. From the farm continues the route via the above mentioned path towards the first suspension bridge, from which is a beautiful view on Pantheon and Suché skály. From this place a wide valley of the Jizera Rivers starts to open up and you can enter it by going over the second suspension bridge by a Guest house and restaurant Křížky. There you can refresh yourself or have a lunch and relax. You can also find here public barrier-free toilets.

From the guest house continues the route to the valley of Rakousy, where you can spot sheep cropping the local meadows and feast your eyes on the limestone rocks on one side of the river and sandstone ones on the other. In Rakousy runs the cycle path over the railway bridge, which will take you to village Loužek. From this place runs a new asphalt road surface of the cycle path up to Dolánky u Turnova. This part of the route is thanks to its smooth surface plenteously used by in-line skaters.


You can also take the journey the other way around, from Dolánky to Malá Skála. The route is due to its gentle profile suitable also for families with small children, whom we can provide with balance bikes and for the very small ones we have croozer trailers for rent.

Cesta údolím podél ovčích pastvin Rekonstruovaná stezka na železničním mostě Osada Loužek

Choose the most proper route from our offer

You can do a lot on scooters. The most popular route is the above mentioned Greenway Jizera cycle path, but there are also other tips for trips, which you can make in the close vicinity of our scooter rentals. Just decide whether you will rent a scooter for an hour or a longer time.

Routes for one hour

There are some tips for short trips on a scooter. The trips are prepared in the way that the point of departure is always one of our bases. The one-hour trips are suitable especially for families with small children.

Routes for half a day

Tips for trips on scooter, which will take no more than half a day. The points of departure are our bases along the Greenway Jizera cycle path.

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